What makes a Grace Glove a professional ball glove?


Kip Leather is widely recognized as the best type of leather to use in the manufacturing of baseball gloves because of its tight grain, strength, and durability. Kip Leather also tends to be lighter in weight compared to traditional cowhide. This makes it our preferred material for creating the perfect baseball glove, as it allows the player to have quicker hands which are essential to the game.


As an added feature, all Grace Gloves offer premium dual welting on the back of the fingers which helps to maintain the pocket stability in all conditions.

Our gloves are also laced with only the highest quality Indigo lacing, ensuring that your Grace Glove will last a lifetime.


Each Grace Glove will come with a 2nd set of wrist adjustment holes to allow ball players of all sizes to get that perfect fit around there wrist.


Founder Kevin Czachow brings enthusiasm and love for baseball to this new endeavor. He approaches each new glove design with the knowledge he gained during his years of running a successful glove repair business and from the 18,000+ gloves he has relaced and repaired. Each glove incorporates the features, quality, durability and performance that all players expect into every glove that is created. Between the quality of the leather to the strength of the lace, your Grace Glove will last you a lifetime.

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