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First off, thank you for your interest in the Grace Glove brand. If you are interested in becoming a distributor, please send an email to: sales@graceglovecompany.com. We will respond within 24 hours and provide you the next steps.

Each Grace Glove is created using only the finest Kip Leather.

Kip Leather is widely recognized as the best type of leather to use in the manufacturing of baseball gloves because of its tight grain, strength, and durability. Kip Leather also tends to be lighter in weight compared to traditional cowhide. This makes it our preferred material for creating the perfect baseball glove, as it allows the player to have quicker hands which are essential to the game. As an added feature, all Grace Gloves offer premium dual welting on the back of the fingers which helps to maintain the pocket stability in all conditions. Our gloves are also laced with only the highest quality Indigo lacing, ensuring that your Grace Glove will last a lifetime.

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Breaking in your glove is by far one of the hardest services to do to your glove and there are many different ways to do this. We use our Glove Oil or Glove Wax and have found that it has provided the best results. Coat the entire glove without over saturating the leather. Once the glove is oiled, placed the glove in a zip-lock bag and seal. Then place the bag (with your glove in it) on the dashboard of your car, during the day in the heat. Leave it in there for about an hour and then remove. Once you remove the glove you want to play catch right away (the glove will be hot) but your glove will also feel very broken in. If you don't have the ability to play catch, you can also use our Glove Mallet. The glove will stiffen back up again, but if you do this process for 1-2 weeks your glove will be game ready.

Glove break-in dont’s:• DO NOT put your glove in the oven.
• DO NOT put your glove in the microwave.
• DO NOT put your glove under your mattress and try to flatten it.
• DO NOT drive over you glove with your car
• DO NOT soak your glove in water
• DO NOT spit in your glove

If a stock Grace Glove is not for you, please feel free to return it within 60 days for a Full Refund. Customers returning a glove are responsible for the return shipping cost. Full refund will be granted pending that the glove arrives back in the condition it was when it was shipped to you. Custom gloves are not returnable, but if either a custom or stock glove has a manufacturing defect, please reach out to discuss options.

Youth Glove Size and Age
9 - 10"                 6 year old
9.5 -10.5"            7-8 year old
10.75 -11.25"       9-11 year old
11.25 -11.75"       12-13 year old

Adult Glove Size and Position

11 - 11.5"               2nd Base
11.25 - 11.75"        Shortstop
11.5 - 12"               Pitcher/3rd Base
12.25 - 12.75"       1st Base
12.5 - 12.75"         Outfield
32.5 - 35"             Catcher